Questionnaire – the classic research instrument. We apply it face to face, by phone and online.

In-depth interview – we have one to one meetings with your (potential) clients or people from your target group and offer them the time and space to manifest their real selves and opinions.

Focus group – we invite more of your (potential) clients to a discussion. We provoke them to talk about the topics that are important for you.

Delphi Meeting – we discuss the topics with the most relevant experts in your activity field.

Desk research – we usually use it as an additional tool to complete the data collected by ourselves.

Eye tracking – we use the tracking of eyes movement to show you what people are looking at. We own both the fix equipment and the mobile glasses. These allow us to identify consumer’s behavior and to test the efficiency of various materials. Our equipment generates heat maps, bee swarms and gaze plots.

Statistical analysis – we use it (gladly) for all the quantitative studies. We mix simple analyses with complex ones to create a complete research report.

Qualitative analysis – we search for a deeper meaning of words and expressions. We look closely to each and every piece of information provided by the participants. In the end, an insightful research report is provided.

Consultancy ­– we present you the study’s results and how can it be applied into marketing plans, communication strategies and future research projects.

Training – our team guides students to make the most of their skills while learning applied marketing research. We can also provide training sessions for the employees who work with marketing research tools.

Other tools – mainstream ones (mobile surveys and online communities), Wide adopted (Social Media, Text Analytics, Webcam-Based Interviews, Mobile Qualitative, Big Data Analysis, Micro-surveys, Eye Tracking, Mobile Ethnography) and Niche ones (Wearables Based Research).